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Tiesto broke the news by posting a photo of them kissing with the caption “The two has received so much love and support from the industry in the likes of Marshmello, Ingrosso, Dyro, and Bassjackers to name a few.Mello even went so far as saying he’s DJing the wedding!

But it wasn't until 2001, he caught the ear of mainstream audiences with his remake of this song by Delerium. Tiësto is the stage name of the famous Dutch disc jockey and music producer, Tijs Michiel Verwest.Tiësto is one of the world's leading DJs and has put together some mind-blowing live shows to millions of fans across the world.My early memories of partying to trance and EDM was because of Tiesto, so I’d love to watch him DJ live again.Here’s to hoping he headlines another music festival here in 2018!

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COREN: So when did you decide that this was no longer a hobby and that you would make it your career? And then I was like, you know, I can make money with this because it's crazy, because it's (inaudible.) And if I can make money with it Then I started my own record label and started to sell CD's and it went pretty well. TIESTO: Well I think the big difference is that I am a real D. I know -- I know -- I can read a crowd pretty well. COREN: You're in Hong Kong tonight, Korea tomorrow.

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