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Registration will be held in Scarman Conference Centre from 9.00am.

The workshop will start with presentations at 9.45 am Note that the university is located at the outskirts of Coventry and not in Warwick.

This is where the Mid Plus centre of excellence can help turn your ideas into viable products or enhancing your portfolio.

The themes of the meeting will be around Speakers from academia will talk around these themes and how they are able to utilise the resources to overcome these challenges.

It reflects Warwick’s commitment to multi-disciplinary materials research.

It embraces activity within the Departments and Schools of Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Medicine, as well as the interdisciplinary Centres for Complexity, Scientific Computing, Analytical Science, Systems Biology and MOAC.

Reserved parking is available at the conference centre.

The minimum numbers for Speed dating in Warwickshire is 8 dates.

These idea’s take planning and time to market with limited resources.

If a business can run a more detailed analysis on a potential product, doing this on a HPC platform would lead to a better designed product, as this would take far too long on a conventional computer.

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