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SEX SLAVES Written and directed by Ric Esther Bienstock Produced by Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev, Simcha Jacobovici ANNOUNCER: These women have been torn from their lives, taken from their families and sold into slavery.

They are victims of a multi-billion-dollar international business that traffics hundreds of thousands of women a year.

Tonight, FRONTLINE takes a hidden camera look deep inside the new global sex trade.

VLAD, Trafficker: [through interpreter] Our girls are in high demand since they’re quite pretty and easily accessible. ANNOUNCER: FRONTLINE also follows one man who’s determined to get his wife back before she’s lost for good to the world of the traffickers.

RIC ESTHER BIENSTOCK: She got through customs with absolutely no problem.

The traffickers who transport these women have a very easy time of it.

I worried a bit because we were heading for a foreign country. NARRATOR: Turkey has become one of the largest markets for women trafficked from Ukraine and the old Soviet Bloc.

Its lax visa requirements make it an easy port of entry to Europe and the Middle East for traffickers like Olga.

NARRATOR: Odessa, Ukraine, a port town on the Black Sea known for its nightlife and its beautiful women.

Compared to what they left behind, Aksaray is full of opportunities. If she has a weak psyche, she usually breaks down and accepts that she’ll have to work as a prostitute. ANYA: [through interpreter] They forced us to have sex with different Turkish men. NARRATOR: Journalist Victor Malarek spent two years interviewing traffickers and their victims.

But for many young women, Aksaray will be the bitter end to their dreams. We guessed that she was selling us, but we hoped we were wrong. ANYA: [watching video footage] [subtitles] Look, there’s the money! ANYA: [subtitles] She’s selling them, just as I was sold. NARRATOR: Once trafficked into sexual slavery, the women are quickly put to work to start turning a profit for their new owners. KATERINA: [through interpreter] He simply raped me. VICTOR MALAREK, Author, The New Global Sex Trade: People have said to me, "Well, these girls can run." They can’t. VIOREL: [subtitles] An acquaintance who sold my wife.

VLAD, Trafficker: [through interpreter] The average trafficking ring has three to four middlemen. NARRATOR: We located two women who were trafficked on this same boat six months earlier by Olga.

The transporter takes her from Ukraine and puts her on a boat. ANYA, Trafficked to Turkey: [watching video footage] [subtitles] That’s the woman who brought us to Turkey and sold us.

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