Polycom error updating boot rom

The goals of this post: – Configure FTP server for Polycom firmware and configuration – Configure Asterisk SIP extension – deploy firmware and XML configuration files to Polycom Sound Point IP 501 SIP phone Fedora 10 kernel Asterisk 1.4.23-rc2 LAB: Install Polycom Provisioning for Sound Point IP phones First we need to set up our FTP server and user account. The second file(0004f2XXXXXX-phone.cfg) is named by each individual phones MAC addres. You can find each phones MAC on a label stuck to the back of the unit. [[email protected] polycom]# nano reg.1.display Name=”8888″ reg.1.label=”8888″ reg.1.address=”8888″ reg.1user Id=”8888″ reg.1password=”2005″ 1.subscribe=”8888″ 1Back Mode=”contact” 1Back=”299″ / The credentials above will be used for connecting to the Asterisk SIP server. Options in this file override the global defaults of the

Jos haluat käyttää sivuston kaikkia ominaisuuksia, sinun on sallittava Flash-sisällön katselu selaimessasi.Every Sound Point IP can be provisioned based on MAC address. [[email protected] ~]# service vsftpd start [[email protected] ~]# ls /home/polycom/ 0000000000002345-12670-001.000000000000-directory~2345-12670-001ld 0004f202734b-app 3111-15600-001.0004f2027343111-15600-001ld 0004f2027343111-40000-001.0004f2027343111-40000-001ld 0004f202734b-phone.cfg~ Beach256x1162201-06642-001.Beach 2201-06642-001ld 2345-11000-001.2345-11300-001.Desktop 2345-11300-010.Documents 2345-11300-010ld Download 2345-11402-001.Jellyfish256x1162345-11402-001ld Jellyfish 2345-11500-001.2345-11500-010.Leaf256x1162345-11500-020.Leaf 2345-11500-030.2345-11500-030ld Mountain256x1162345-11500-040.Mountain 2345-11500-040ld 2345-11600-001.Music 2345-11600-001ld Palm256x1162345-11605-001.Palm 2345-11605-001ld 2345-12200-001.phone12345-12200-001ld Pictures 2345-12200-002.Public 2345-12200-002ld Read 2345-12200-004.Sailboat256x1162345-12200-004ld Sailboat 2345-12200-005.2345-12200-005ld 2345-12450-001.2345-12450-001ld 2345-12500-001.Sound Point IPLocalization 2345-12500-001ld Sound Point 2345-12560-001.spip_ssip_3_1_1_release_2345-12560-001ld spip_ssip_Boot ROM_4_1_2_release_2345-12600-001.Templates 2345-12600-001ld Videos We must modify two XML files.Polycom’s provisioning method makes use of TFTP, FTP, or HTTP to deliver firmware updates and individual phone settings. The file, which contains the default Polycom options that all phones will share. We will configure the default SIP server and NTP time server in the first.Sound Point IP 670 looks like a color version of the 650 with added gigabit ethernet support. Sound Station IP 60 support G.722 wideband speech and Po E.The 6000 looks like an upgrade to the 4000 (just as the 650 was an upgrade to the 601).

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See is a touchscreen videophone that supports SIP and H.323 video.

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