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Her knack for consistently putting herself or those she loved in danger finally made me hate her, which is why this book, which had great potential (in the tradition of Robin Hood and The Scarlet Pimpernel) ended in a DNF about halfway through.My most common refrain: This could have been so much better! But then I realized the heroine was 15, and the hero initially took on the role of father figure to her -- even as far as spanking her AND explaining menstruation to her.Caitlyn was an orphaned beauty with no future -- until the rugged outlaw nobleman rescued her from the streets.And now they ride together in the shadows of the night -- on the run from corrupt minions of the law -- emboldened by the exhilarating heat of the a love as wild and free as the wind on the moors.I think she was supposed to be "spirited" but she was a pain. And erase about 100 instances of mentioning Caitlyn's "kerry blue eyes". This one is interesting because of its plot detour in the middle.There was a sidekick early on that completely disappeared by the halfway point of the book. There was also a rousing adventure plot that was promising but that dropped off the radar for a long period of time while the protagonists seduced/fought with/resisted/had sex with each other (and none of that in a particularly thrilling way). Set in Ireland, beginning in 1784, this is the story of Caitlyn O’Malley who, at 15, has lived on the streets of Dublin disguised as a lad for so long, she no longer sees herself as a girl.

One day she is caught by Connor d'Arcy who instead of turning her in to the authorities, takes her to his home in the countryside to live with him and his brothers.

When she discovers Connor and his brothers are posing as highwaymen, robbing rich Englishmen and giving their bounty to the poor Irish, she wants to join them.

But Connor has too many people counting on him to jeopardize his family or endanger Caitlyn who he has come to love.

It would have only taken a little rewriting to make this a good romantic adventure. When she tries to pick the pocket of Connor d’Arcy, Earl of Iveagh, an Iris A Very Worthy Hero but a Different Irish Romance I should say at the outset that I’m a huge fan of Karen Robards historical romances and many of them grace my best lists.

This one is interesting because of its plot detour in the middle.

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