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Kig is a free (GPL) analog of GSP for KDE, but a bit more to calculus-oriented, and part of KDE Edutainment Project.

Kgeo [8] is a free (GPL) analog of GSP for KDE, but a bit more too calculus-oriented, and its interface is similar to Kig.

Tabulae [12] is a dynamic geometry software written in Java.Vectory is a freeware specifically developed for school students.This program visualizes primitive geometry, like points, lines, planes and spheres.The main example of a supposer is the Geometric Supposer, which does not have draggable objects, but allows students to study pre-defined shapes. For a related, comparative physical example of these algorithms, see Lenart Sphere. Eukleides [2], part of GPL, is a geometry drawing language. There are several output formats, including La Te X, La Te X/PStricks, La Te X/Tikz, SVG, Post Script.The following table provides a first comparison of the different software according to their licence and platform. Website for exported HTML5 Canvas and Java Script Interactive Apps (Euclid's Muse). There is a built-in geometry theorem prover (based on the area method). Win GCLC is a Windows version of GCLC with graphical interface and provides a range of additional functionalities.

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Live Geometry [10] is a free codeplex project that lets you create interactive ruler and compass constructions and experiment with them.

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