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Adding her to the ceremony is a practice I borrowed from Father Candido, however.

It is a necessity, and the current ritual has gotten around this deficiency.

As a consequence of their choice, the devils radically changed their mission: now, in fact, they use their superfine intelligence for the unique objective of destroying men and making them their companions in misfortune.

As Revelation tells us, that gigantic war that was fought in the heavens among the angels and the demons has another battle held here on earth: they are in a continuous battle for our lives and our hearts.

They are pure forms and have a nature different from that of men, who have a material and spiritual nature together.During the prayer, the priest repeatedly invokes her intercession and her powerful action.Without her, little is accomplished in the struggle against Satan.I would add that the Rosary, being the prayer most appreciated by our Lady, is an extremely powerful arm against the devil, and I warmly recommend it to anyone suffering from spiritual evils.This prayer has, in fact, a strong power of protection and liberation from evil.

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It is always God who liberates one from his influence — it is good to keep repeating it—but His ear is especially attuned to the mediation of Mary, the Mother of His Son.

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