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ada, to be; to be present; to exist; to be at home (to a visitor); to exist in connection % ith, to appertain to, to have; ada orang, there are people present; ada laut, ada-lah perompakf where there are seas, there are ADAB 2 AGAK pirates; sahaya ada duit, (colloquial) I have money, I am rich; adakan and mengadakan, to create, to call into existence, to appoint; kaadaan, state, existence, condition of life, position; tiada, is not; there is not; ta'.dapat-tiada, there cannot but be; there must be; must. respect; courtesy; manners (especially propriety in beha. obstruct; intercept; barring a passage; opposing a barrier to; mtngadang, to interpose between; to keep something off; m. to raise one's arm to strike without actually striking; to essay; to assay, to test, to try. achum, mischief-making, tale-bearing; mnngachum, to libel, to slander. I hlave followed tile phonetic system of rolanised spelling prescribed by the Federated Malay States Government, but have added a good many variants to assist persons accustomed to other orthographical rules.

last; the end; akhir-lnya, in the end; akhir-zat.an, for ever; to the end of time.

nangkabau; spglrti adat-nya, as was his custom; b Mradat, in accordance with custom; proper, courteous. to terminate a closer relation in a friendly manner, or to set a limit to possible relations; a.

excellent, noble, eminent; an expression usually met with in titles-e.g.

I, me, myself; akandaku, to me; aku s Esmua, we; aku sakalian, id.

alah, to be worsted; to lose (a contest); ala bt sa oleh biasa, theory is worsted by practice, prov.; alahkan and mengalthlkan, to vanquish, to bring into subjection.

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