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In short, some players in this game very toxic and your teen WILL be exposed to this. Some say that toxic players say things like "too ez" after winning a game, that is not what I'm talking about at all. The anonymity of the game (as with the web) brings out the worst in people.

I have tested for the last hour and I haven't heard a peep. I bought this game for my son because it is not too violent. My son has seen countless pg-13 and some R rated movies.But, perhaps, the solution isn’t to just throw up your corporate hands and say “well, there is nothing we can do” or “this is in every game so we won’t do anything”.More monitoring on the part of Blizzard is necessary.I am not a fan of first person shooter games, or video games in general.When my son first asked me for this game I was skeptical.

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The voice lines are usually tame, but some of the characters offhandedly mention alcohol to each other, threaten possibly killing each other and are generally at each others throats.

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